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Material finishes

Below are sample photographs of the material finishes that we offer. 

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All of the finishes below are produced using hand tools only. We do not offer plate polishing or machine finishes.

Orbital sand

This finish is obtained using a hand held orbital sander and produces a "random" finish. The higher the grit number of the disc used the finer the finish. Grits range from 80,120,180 and 240. The finish below was obtained using a 120 grit.

Satin polish - also known as grain, brushed or dull polished

This finish has a directional grain present. It is also obtained by using different grits. As previously, the higher the grit number the finer the grain will be. The sample below was produced using a coarse 60 grit. (120,180 with 240 being the finest) 

Bright finish
This has a bright, reflective finish on the surface but not a perfect finish applied to the material underneath.
Commercial mirror polish. This has good material preperation and a very reflective finish.
Superior mirror
This has a very good material preperation and will give a full, deep, super clear finish.

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